Since returning from Japan my reflections have centred onthe lack of evidence to support what we do in physical education. I have beenconsidering the ways in which we define learning, and therefore success, in oursubject and I am left with the nagging question “but how do we know?” How do weknow that we have had an impact on students’ learning? What are our indicators?I always boasted that I knew what level any given student in my class was andwhat they needed to do to improve. How? I understood and had internalised the UKnation curriculum levels. Furthermore, I had undergone numerous results modificationsessions with my head of department. But how did I know? I had some notes in mymarkbook and I had spent all of one minute assessing the students in eachnational curriculum area and had spent hours working out spreadsheets tocollate this information and give me an average. But yet again “how did I know?”I had no real evidence except my professional opinion. Is that enough? I sawthe students perform and I judged them based solely on that outcome. So how doyou know learning has occurred?