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Black teachers' experiences of becoming and being a Physical Education teacher

Reference: Louis Francis-Edge, Annette Stride, and Hayley Fitzgerald. (2023). Basket...

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Written by Ash Casey on 14 Jul 2023
7 Min Read
ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence: Reflections on Potential Impacts Within Health and Physical Education

Reference : Killian, C. M., Marttinen, R., Howley, D., Sargent, J., & Jones, E. M...

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Written by Ash Casey on 30 Jun 2023
6 Min Read
Ability grouping practices in secondary school physical education in England

Reference : Shaun D. Wilkinson & Dawn Penney (2023): A national survey of ability...

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Written by Ash Casey on 16 Jun 2023
6 Min Read

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Dr Ash Casey is Reader in Physical Education and Pedagogy at Loughborough University. His research focuses on Models-based Practice, pedagogical models, practitioner research and the use of new technologies in physical education. Ash in an Associate Editor for the peer-reviewed journal Physical Education and Sport Pedagogy (Routledge) and has written five Routledge books and publishes regularly in leading physical education research journals. He is also the series editor of the Routledge Focus on Sport Pedagogy. He is active on social media where he writes and blogs about Models-based Practice, teacher learning and new technologies.

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