In the last year I've had the opportunity to visit and talkwith teachers and teacher educators in Spain, Ireland and Turkey. This has beenan enjoyable, challenging and humbling experience and I am left with thelasting impression that the similarities between these diverse countries (andthe UK) far outweigh the differences.

 However, and withregards to teaching and specifically the teaching of physical education, theseclose similarities are concerning. For many years I have read about the enduringteacher-led pedagogy that dominants teaching around the world and while I haveaccepted this, a little if me has wondered if  it’s really true. Now while I will not claim thetotal dominance of this approach I can say that the people I have talked toconfirm that this is not a regional issue and nor is it likely to simply ‘goaway’ unless we engage in some consolidated, meaningful and radical reform. Itis no longer enough to allow ‘more of the same’ to dominate the teaching andlearning that occurs under the name of physical education. Instead we mustbravely go where no one has gone before and change physical education before itis irrevocably changed for us.