Websites. We see lots of them every day; scores in a week, hundreds in a month (you get the idea) but what makes the good ones stand out? Why do people return to a website? We are supposed to be in an age of web 2.0 where everything is about interaction and yet a lot of websites annoy me still. They about a message – well actually several messages – put rather than refine and concentrate that message websites seem to be web:utations. It’s like powerpoint and keynote presentations where people replicate their entire work into a 20 second presentation. I am put off my poor websites and tend to go somewhere else. Either that or I simply start my whole experience on a downer.

So...imagine my motivation to create a high impact, simple and usable website that actually gets used. Likewise...imagine my trepidation as I now come to unveil the storyboard via my blog.

The idea of this website is that it is simple to look at. It is easy to navigate. It is a place where people want to spend some time. That’s it really. So can I ask for some comments based on three factors:

1) Looks good

2) Looks easy to navigate around

3) Might be somewhere I am interested in visiting more than once.

The images are currently just flats. The links don’t work and are really just images. So as they say ‘the first taste is with the eye’ – what is the first visual impression like?


Research Network


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On 31 July 2010 04:09 Jay said...
i like the look of it. From the static pages it seems as though it will be quite easy to find what you want. Will your network of teachers be contributing resources? It would be a good way of helping break down a 'silo' mentality.

On 31 July 2010 05:21 Dr Ash Casey said...
Hi Jay,

Yes, the teachers will be able to engage in free PD with the university and then return to their schools and create new schemes of work and plan for new units which the uni staff will help them create and then help them instigate. These will then form part of practitioner research projects to help them understand the effects and power of new ideas on pupil learning.

We just hope it works.

On 5 August 2010 04:00 dblain08 said...
Website looks great-there is definitely a gap for sharing and discussing ideas within PE. For PE resources many staff I speak to use TES website but I think it would be great to have a PE specific site. In terms of navigation-looks straightforward and is something I would use regularly. I find it exciting that you are looking to bridge the gap between research from universities and what is going on at schools 'the chalkface'. This is something that is needed. Look forward to seeing how this develops and am keen to be involved if needed.

On 14 August 2010 16:11 Mark said...
Website looks good, although some additional "PE" images might aid the visual appeal of the site. There is definite potential for a site such as this and is a great way of linking theory with practice!